Meet the Kids

Meg’s Children supports the upbringing of vulnerable and at-risk children in Nepal.

From hardship to success

The children that come into our care have experienced a difficult start to life. By becoming a part of the Meg’s Children family, their daily living needs are provided for and their right to education is met, which would otherwise not be the case.

Read on to hear the stories of some of these children and see just how far they have come with the help of Meg’s Children.

Reema's Story

In the beginning…

When I was 6 years old and I came with my father. As my childhood was very bad and serious because my father and mother have divorce with each other and the family environment was not good for my growth. As I was luck to be a member of Meg’s Children home or to have shelter, food and education by the help of Meg’s Children home. Firstly in the Bagmati, Trish mom came into the Bagmati and she helped us to have better life. We moved to the Bageshowr with Nanda aunta, Bibechana sis and Bikash brother with the help of Trish mom.

Now I am too much happy to live in children home. I have been living there very with fulfilling my all the needs. My mother had married to the next man and as my father also married to the other. As due to this problem, I got help of Meg’s Children home’s help. Now days, I am very much happy to live here.

Reema in the beginning

Hello everyone, my name is Reema Lama and I am 23 years old. I am doing my bachelor course in Bachelor of Nursing ( It is 4 year course and I am doing my course at “Scheer Memorials Hospital Medical Institute College of Nursing” affiliated to Kathmandu university. I have completed my 1st and 2nd year of with first division rank and now I am in 3rd year and it is also going to finished I will have my final exam on August then from September onwards I will be on final year that is 4th year.

From initially I always want to be part of medical line and also I wanted to work in hospital so, I choose to become a nurse and to help the patient and other people. I am enjoying this course and I am proud to be part of this course and I would heartily thanks to all who supported me for purchasing this course and I would thanks to you mom for always supporting me and helping me to become a good person.

Recently I am loving to work with small baby or I would like to work in paediatric wards more than other. Recently I have been posting in midwifery so I got chance to receive baby and i have send photo with the baby I received for first time.

Reema’s latest news

Reema continues to work in the Humla region a very remote part of Nepal. This is in the region where the recent earthquake occurred causing over 150 casualties and significant damage to buildings etc. No doubt Reema is very busy helping with aftermath of all this.

Reema today

Sita's Story

Sita is from North part of province 6 of Nepal. She is from so called untouchable community. The father died and mother is blind with one eye, she has altogether six siblings. She is the youngest among, all the others siblings live and study in village Humla. She is brought to Meg’s by her own brother as he has his own family to look after and it has been bit difficult for him to raise after his siblings and mother as well.

The brother works as an accountant assistant in the cooperative run by the community (all members are from the so-called untouchability community in humla) in the village, his income is not sufficient to run the costs of living of the whole family. It takes four days on foot to reach the village from the district headquarter of Humla as there is no access of transportation. Also from Kathmandu you have to fly to Humla.

Sita’s latest news

Sita recently applied to Meg’s for a scholarship to study to become a Laboratory Technician. We were delighted to approve this and wish her well with her studies. Sita and her family are form a lower caste, she comes from Humla, a remote part of Nepal.

Both her parents have passed away. For her family this is huge as very few members of her family have had the opportunity to study for tertiary education in the past.



Congratulations Laxman on your latest achievement, the first of many we are sure. Laxman has won an award for winning the debating competition at his school. His determination for winning this award shows how far he has come since joining Meg’s.


Here is Bishal who is proudly wearing a medal for his soccer team winning the local competition. Congratulations Bishal and his team mates for their success on the soccer field, we know how hard you’ve been training.

Binita and Bishal's Story

Binita and Bishal was born in Haledi, Kavre. The parents and other relatives were no longer able to care for them and they needed immediate assistance. With a recommendation by Mr. Peter from Holland (Founder of then Noble House Children Home) we enrolled them under the care of Meg’s.
Bishal & Binita


Roshni is now living in Finland with her Mum, Nanda and her younger sister Sadischka.

Roshani is one of our original kids, she studied nursing in Kathmandu, her goal was to do further study and become a Registered Nurse, she is currently working in aged care, she is determined to continue her studies when she is more proficient with yet another language.

Roshani is currently living in Finland, she and her sister Sadishya as well as her mum Nanda were all together in Meg’s, Nanda was our first house mum!!

Roshni studied nursing, she has continued with her career in Finland, she is enjoying her new life in Finland and grateful to Meg’s for supporting her and her family through her early years.

Sagar’s Story

I am Sagar, age 22 and recently completed my bachelor degree in fashion design and retailing. I came to Meg’s when I was 9 years old. Only after finishing school and joining high school I started living by myself independently. Now I have a job and I earn some money to help myself but still Trish Mum always comes forward when I am in need. I am very much thankful towards her and everyone who is supporting Meg’s Children Trust. Currently, I also work as a project coordinator for Meg’s Children here in Nepal.

While talking about myself, I have always been a trying person; I like doing things which I plan. Till now I have had an open environment club called Green Planet, started my own bag and handicrafts company, started homestay, worked as a radio presenter and many more. I do things so that I can know what I am and what I can become in the future. Till now with all these I think I am a social person and a businessman, I have always loved to have my own business with social involvement. I want to have a professional fashion event management company here in Nepal as this can be a new business. For this, I need to see and study the fashion industry around the world and also have some money to start the business. Therefore, I plan to go abroad and learn and save some money so that I can come back here in Nepal and start my business. I know it’s a big dream but like my other plans if I try I will surely make it happen. In a meanwhile, I am working at a project called VOICE run under Spinal Injury Sung Nepal (Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre) as marketing coordinator plus designer. The project provides vocational training like sewing, embroidery and computer and English for the people with disability so that they can go back to society and earn to survive themselves independently. My work is to give the marketing classes to the trainees and moreover with the new product development for the sustainability to VOICE project overall.

I really wanted to apply for abroad right after finishing my bachelor but when I went to VOICE I really wanted to get involved and work there. I knew it will be just for the short phrase as I had already made my mind to go abroad but the main reason for joining the project is because of the concept which Meg sister had, physically disabling she had a dream to become a teacher and help others. And she has done it as because of her now many of us here in Nepal are able to get a good education and dream to have our bright future. Another reason was I wanted to know the difficulties and feelings of her being a spinal injury patient. Here in VOICE working and being with the people with disability especially spinal patients like Meg. I see their challenges and difficulties that they face but still, they are more strong and positive to live it has really boosted me up to be positive in life. I have really learned the life in a different way. Mum always used to say that Meg was very positive and cheerful. I always think there is a huge contribution of Meg sister in my life so, with the feeling of thanking her, I joined VOICE so that I can help as much as I can to the people with a spinal injury just like she helped me to be who I am today. Thank you, Meg, Trish Mum and each one of you who has been always a great supporter towards Meg’s Children Trust.

Sagar’s latest news

Sagar is our man on the ground in Nepal, he provides Meg’s Australia with regular updates.

He also runs his own business in Kathmandu.

Sagar with the father of one of our Outreach Program children who he can now support.
Sagar with the father of one of our Outreach Program children who he can now support.
Sagar with Hari, both key advocates of Meg's Children.
Radhika at work

Radhika’s Story

I am Radhika Malakar from Kathmandu Nepal. I was raised in Meg’s with quality of education and good accommodation since I was seven years old. I am a student of business study and had a degree of Bachelors although being a post graduate student I am working as a front desker in a backpackers hostel in Kathmandu. I am 22 years now and I am planning to come and study further in Australia for my Masters Degree. I am really proud to be one of the children to get such an opportunity to get accommodation and good education from Meg’s.

Thank you mum for so much support and encouragement and love and humble appreciation to megs foundation.❤❤

(the photo from my workplace)

Radhika's Graduation
Radhika graduated!

Congratulations Radhika on graduating in December 2019 with a Bachelor of Business Studies in Katmandu.

What a great result after being supported by Meg’s since its foundation in 2004.

Radhika’s latest news

Radhika continues to work in Melbourne as an aged care assistant, however both she and her husband Sid would like to move to the Albury area.

Radhika has successfully completed her Masters in Accounting, so ideally would like to be working in her chosen field. She is actively pursuing this.