Our Work

Meg’s Children has impacted the lives of many children.

What we do

Meg’s Children Nepal believes that every child deserves an exceptional care so they can grow and flourish.

Our services are holistic, including rescue and crisis care for young people in immediate danger.
Meg’s offers children and families in crisis the chance to turn their lives around, providing practical solutions.

The solution

Together we help children in crisis by our three main programs:

1. Noble House
2. Outreach Education Program
3. Tertiary Education

Noble House

Noble House is a purpose-built Children’s Home in outer Kathmandu, currently home to 20 children ranging in ages from 6 to 14. Noble House is owned by the Siddhi Memorial Foundation whom we work in close partnership with. Siddhi provides the in-country oversight, and Meg’s Australia provides the finances to totally support both the children and the House Mothers who look after the children.

We are in regular contact with the children’s liaison officer who keeps us up to date with how the children are progressing. All children attend the Global Life School, a great local school where the children’s progress is monitored closely by their teachers and reported to us.

Volunteers from Meg’s Children also visit Nepal at least once a year.

Megs Children Nepal - Albury Charity
Megs Children Nepal - Albury Charity

The Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is as you described, it is also in keeping with the Nepali Government’s wishes to where possible keep children living with their parents or close relatives. Meg’s provides the financial support to facilitate this, again the Liaison Officer keeps us up to date with how the children are progressing.

Tertiary Education

Meg’s believes very strongly in offering all the children in our care the opportunity to progress their studies as far as they are capable of and wish to.

For this reason Meg’s Children offers children the chance to study at a tertiary level, through a repayable scholarship program. The students first apply to Meg’s for a scholarship to study their choice of tertiary course, and sign an agreement that, upon completion of their studies, and when they are employed, an agreed portion of this loan will then be repaid at a sustainable rate. These funds will remain in Kathmandu to be made available to assist other younger children who may also wish to study further.

Four of the original children from Meg’s have already completed their Bachelor degrees, with another two currently studying at that level.

Not all wish to follow a path to university, and Meg’s works with each child as they finish high school to assist them to identify and pursue training that will help them embark on a career of their choice, be it cooking, hairdressing or bus driving.

Megs Children Nepal - Albury Charity