Who we are

Learn about Meg’s Children and how we rescue kids in crisis.

What is Meg's Children Trust Nepal?

Meg’s Children Nepal is an Australian not for profit charitable trust, established in 2005.

Our goal is to support and enhance the lives of Nepalese children who do not have family to cater for their basic needs.

We also provide short-term and emergency care for at-risk children.

Our Supporters and Partners

Importantly, there are very minimal management fees and no other hidden charges, so 96% of donations go directly to support the children in Nepal. The remaining 4% goes towards insurance, maintaining this website and bank charges.

Memorandum of Understanding

Agreement between Meg’s Children Trust and Siddhi Memorial Foundation Dated 18th January 2018.

Megs Children Nepal - Albury Charity
Megs Children Nepal - Albury Charity

The Siddhi Memorial Foundation

In lasting memory of their son Siddhi who died in a road accident at the age of four, Mr and Mrs Shyamm and Ranjana Dhoubadel founded the Siddhi Memorial Health Service Centre in 1993.

This non-government and not-for-profit organisation provides primary health care services to women and children in need, and support for seniors through an onsite senior citizens home. In addition to the hospital services, Siddhi offers an ongoing Saturday morning clinic offering free consultations, immunisations and family planning services.

Meg’s Children and the Siddhi Memorial Foundation have been working together since 2015.


Who is Meg?

Meg’s Children Nepal is named in memory of Meg Ryan, Trish Ryan’s oldest daughter who passed away in 2003 as a result of complications from Spina Bifida. Meg had always taken a great interest in education, and had worked as a teacher’s aide at primary schools in Albury and in Mullengandra. When Meg passed away at age 23, she was studying for a Bachelor of Education at Charles Sturt University. After the loss of Meg, Trish made the decision to travel to Nepal to volunteer, and this is how Meg’s Children started.
Megs Children Nepal - Albury Charity