Our goal

To support the upbringing of vulnerable and at-risk children in Nepal, by providing for their daily living needs and meeting their right to education.

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$10 buys a pair of school shoes
$35 supplies a child’s food for a month
$60 provides schooling for a child for 1 month

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Special note

2020 has seen a challenging start to the year for many people. As a result of current circumstances, Meg’s Children has had to cancel some upcoming fundraising events. We are, however, calling on your continued support to help us provide for our children in Nepal, by becoming a regular donor and hence being recognised under our Sponsorship Recognition Levels.

We recognise the weight of this appeal at this difficult time, but hope that our local community can join together as donors to show those in the Meg’s Children family in Nepal that we are still here for them.

You can read more about the Sponsorship Recognition Levels here.

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